A Meaningful & Fulfilling Life.

To be intentional. To make thoughtful choices and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

In 2018 I found myself so busy and focused on our remodel, our new babe and everyone else that I barely made any time at all for myself. I love my babes and our home.. But I didn't give myself any me time and the time I did have to myself was spent running errands or doing house work that couldn't be done with a babe on my hip.

This month my focus is to be more intentional with my time for myself. To create time for me where I focus solely on my spiritual and mental health. Launching my website and blog was my first step in doing something for me and now my focus for the remainder of the year will to improve my quality of life by being more intentional with my "me time".

First on the list, waking up earlier...

I am tired. Every single day. Exhausted. So what's another 30 minutes of sleep lost when it means peace and quiet to myself to just enjoy my coffee or prepare for the day? Ideally, a couple hours would be nice..but I am one of those who sets expectations WAY too high and then things fall through and I get super discouraged. So I am starting small. Thirty minutes before the littles get up to start my day with whatever feels right in the moment.

Next on my list, read more. You guys, I purchased at least twenty books in 2018 and I did not finish a single one. NOT EVEN ONE. I am so embarrassed. Seriously...so embarrassed. So I am making a commitment to myself to read one book a month (children's books do not count :)). This month's pick is Big Magic which felt right to kick off the year.

Another thing on my list of ways to be more intentional is to spend one weekend a month completely unplugged. No text. No IG. Nothing except phone calls that are absolutely necessary. I am guilty of spending too much time getting lost in Pinterest and Instagram like most of us and unplugging every so often is good for the soul, right?

Finally..and this might sound crazy.. but I plan to stay up later. Get up earlier and stay up later... with a newborn... you must think I am crazy and I don't blame you. Let me explain.. I have fallen into the habit of going to sleep when our littlest babe goes to sleep and it has left absolutely no time for my husband and I to just hang out without the littles. I sometimes go to sleep at 7:30pm and still find myself exhausted when I wake up the next day because we are still battling night wakes. Exhausted is exhausted and call me crazy but I think (hope) that giving myself time to relax with my husband in the evenings and just be by myself in the mornings will actually make me feel less exhausted. Time will only tell.. so in the meantime, wish me luck! Or bring me coffee..?







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