Diaper Bag Essentials. What's On Your List?

For most of us, when we became mamas our diaper bag because the accessory that replaced our cute handbags. For the longest time, diaper bags were designed with only the babes in mind.. focusing on function and not necessarily taking into account style for those who would actually be lugging them around for years. Thankfully, that has changed! And with the rise of the modern diaper bag and trend of the diaper bag backpack we now have a huge assortment of brands to choose quality

and stylish bags from.I’m going to share a little secret. I have become a bag lady.. more specifically.. a diaper bag lady. I now have an embarrassing collection of more than ten diaper bags and though I love them all equally, my go to day to day choice is my Fawn Design Mini Backpack which I have in several colors thanks to their recent mini sale.

The mini doesn’t compromise design and as a petite person it is just right for my frame. It’s roomy and has the perfect number of pockets for organizing daily must haves for running around with a babe all day.

But.. because it’s a mini, I have to be choosy about what I’m going to pack. I can’t tote a billion outfit changes or diapers. I have to really think about what I need for that outing and pack just the essentials. Basically a single day version of the time old question “if you were stuck on a desert island and could only have five items, what would they be”. Let’s rephrase it to something more relevant and, well, relatable..

If you were going out for the afternoon and could only pack ten items in your diaper bag (your stuff included) what would they be?

Here is my list of must haves.

  1. Diapers (duh) We love Honest Co and it's the only diaper we have ever tried that doesn't give our poor babe's sensitive skin a rash. We personally have subscribed to their bundle service which provides deliveries that you can control and it also gives a discount for purchasing in bulk. Every little bit helps, right? Here is a link to try the bundle for yourself! http://www.honest.com/refer/1217115

  2. Wipes (also duh) And also Honest Co! Their wipes are super thick and super gentle. They also come in the diaper bundle!

  3. Honest Co Diaper Rash Cream (Are you shocked that we are adding another Honest product?? P.S. you can add this to your bundle as well)

  4. The Tush Swiper from Eli and Ali Baby. You guys this is a GAME CHANGER. Hands down, this company knows parenthood and has created a tool to combat the sticky part of parenting that is associated with diaper rash cream. If you have a little and don't have this product yet, do yourself a favor and get one now! Actually... buy several... you'll want them in your diaper bags, at your changing station and a couple for yourself for lotions too. You're welcome. https://www.eliandalibaby.com

  5. Outfit change for babe in case of accident. Mom hack; I pack a one piece or footie like this one from Orcas Lucille as our outfit change. Quick and easy and less pieces to worry about. Use Code OWEN for 10% off your order at this adorable shop. https://www.orcaslucille.com/collections/rompers

  6. Teething ring from what little wonder. This is Owen's personal favorite and I highly recommend it. Use our code OWEN15 for a discount on your purchase. https://whatlittlewonder.com/collections/teether-rings-rattles/products/taupe-wood-silicone-teether

  7. Honest co hand sanitizer (Because germs. Ew.)

  8. Wallet........because let’s be real.. by afternoon outing I mean target run.

  9. Keys (because how else would I get to target!?)

  10. Phone.......did you think I’d forget?

So mamas, if you had to limit yourself to ten things for an afternoon outing.. what would they be? What are your absolute must have items? IF this were really a deserted island situation I would obviously need lip balm too.. and deciding between lip balm and hand sanitizer was a tough one... but like I said, germs... ew.

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