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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

It’s not an easy life.. but it’s ours and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

As a military family, we are all about supporting companies who support our troops. Did you know that Verizon has been named the #1 Military Friendly Company three years in a row? They also employee over 10,000 veterans and have been ranked as a Top 10 Military Spouse Employer for their dedication to creating opportunities for military spouses. All of this On top of special offers, incentives and discounts for military who sign up for plans with their service. What an amazing company! Verizon always has special offers for Military and Veterans but right now they are offering something HUGE if you make the switch.

From now until September 2nd, Verizon is offering $700 if you make the switch to their service, and if you’re a member of the United States military they are offering an additional $200 in select cities! That means that you could qualify for $900 in incentives if you switch during the promotional. Insane, right? Here are the cities which are participating in the in-store offer for an additional $200;

Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Antonio, San Diego, W. Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Norfolk, Seattle, Boston, Tucson

Let me add to the list of mind blowing things Verizon is doing to go above and beyond for our countries heroes.

Verizon has on going partnerships with not one, or two.. or three.. but EIGHT organizations that provide resources and job placement for Veterans. EIGHT ORGANIZATIONS to support our military family and those who have served our Country. I’ve listed them below so that you can educate yourself on the organizations and how Verizon is involved;

Again, their support of our Military family and the Veteran Community is like no other. Becoming a member of the Verizon family supports them so that they can continue to support us. What better time than to make the switch than now with such great incentives? We made the switch just over a year ago and I can’t believe we didn’t commit sooner! What are you waiting for? Click HERE now and join the Verizon family!


The Pasquales

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