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I am so excited to finally launch this blog and make this site live! It's been a busy year. For those of you just joining this beautiful wild life of mine, we "adulted" hard the last couple years. We spent most (really all) of 2018 renovating our fixer upper in the PNW and welcomed our second little to the family, all while adjusting to life after an eighteen month long deployment and a move to a new state for our current assignment. Are you exhausted yet? We definitely were! Through the year I adjusted to life without my 9-5 and began feeling like I needed a creative outlet. I toy'd with the idea of a blog years ago and just never found the time or focus to bring it to life while maintaining a career. This year, I decided it was time. It wasn't just a want, it became a need. A need for a source to express myself creatively in writing, interior design and photography. A place to connect with other moms and women and share my experience and favorite brands or products. Somewhere to go and just let it all out...in my yoga pants with a messy bun while the babes nap. So here it is. My passion project. I hope you find joy in following along (or at the very least, amusement).

Looking forward to connecting and sharing in this new year!


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